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# 30 ENGLISH - When will YOU begin the New Way of Working in Co-Creation with Spirit?

We are constantly creating and generating every day. From meals, gardens and families to our work as self-employed or employed or as managers leading a whole team in small or large companies.

Everything is created. WE create the earth and everything on it every day. And the results of our work are our legacy for generations to come.

Many of us ask ourselves: What should I work on? Where should I put my energy? What is my "mission" or my "vocation"? How or where do I make the biggest difference? Why is everything so exhausting ("hard work")? How can I better manage my life and work? And how can I contribute my gifts without struggling, yet instead experience joy, ease, and fulfilment? And still, live in prosperity and without unwanted hardships?

This is where the NEW WORK comes into play: co-creating in connection with the divine plan and with the help of the spirit world. Why struggle about what to do when potential projects are already laid out for us in the Divine Plan? And why strive alone when you can work together with the power and wisdom of spirit? And why not accept your own God-given gifts and manifest them into the highest deeds without much effort?

This kind of "working" - I prefer the words "generating", "creating", "serving" or even "playing" - is of course already practised in light teams of other dimensions to fulfil the divine plan. Beings from various light families and dimensions often work together on a project, including the "New Earth" project. How can WE also learn that on earth?

Since 2018 in Egypt I have known consciously that, among other roles on earth, I am also an Ambassador for 5th-dimensional management. I have also been learning and practising this type of service work for years as a volunteer contributor at The Divine University along with 80 other people around the world. And I practice this every day in my job as Jayahnia, often together with diverse soul siblings on shared "missions".

And now the Divine Timing is ripe:

For a few days now - after completing four Light-Goddess retreats, a Lemuria-reactivation-series, the retrograde planets and the new moon - I have been getting definite messages on the subject of 5th-Dimensional Management) all day every day in order to make them available on Earth.

In particular, I received an invitation for people to begin the New Work ALSO, for the New Earth, the Golden Age has already begun for many of us. (Sorry in German, I recommend GoogleTranslate App)

This video podcast is meant to be a loving invitation to you to learn this new way of working to make your own golden "New Earth" projects easier and also more enriching on many levels!

If you feel called to it now, you can learn through blogs, seminars, podcasts and exchange groups how tasks, projects and missions in the spirit world are held as a potential for you. And how this potential energetically comes into your field as light structures and how you can connect with them. And how we can easily and joyfully implement and manifest this potential on earth in a "golden" way. It doesn't matter whether it's a move, a garden, a family project or an international innovation project.

On Sunday, October 16th (19h30-20h30) you can learn more about it (on Zoom in German and German timezone), sense into it and receive an energy activation for 5th-dimensional Management.

On October 23rd a practice-oriented seminar "Module 1: Basics of 5th-dimensional Management" begins with three Sunday evenings on Zoom supplemented by an exchange in a private telegram group and a 1-on-1 session with me.

In the next few days, I will also write some more blogs to further explore this topic. It's best to keep an eye on your email or my website Follow your heart's wisdom and intuition to decide if now is the right time for you. Listen to your inner guidance from the divine plan, the right time is the core of this new way of working and creating. Money and time then usually come magically. Trust. Surrender.

Next blog (in German): 5th-dimensional Management - the art of managing the ME and the WE together

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