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#5 - What is the difference between the sacred relationship with God and a sacred relationships?

Aktualisiert: 5. Sept. 2021

(Continued / Fortsetzung vom letzten Blog)

Sometimes it is not clear if the power in the dream-capturing song or story is about the love of God or the love of a human or of another being that is not God. But it feels the same because it is an unconditional spirit relationship. Like the relationship with God being one of those special sacred relationships.

We want to explain though that the relationship with God is slightly different to the relationship of two soul mates or spirit mates. The relationship with God is a relationship with the ultimate, with the source, with everything. God is a light that encompasses all light, a love that encompasses all love a power of creation that encompasses all power of creation. And we can relate to that as we are a unique individualised form of that divine spirit.

The other relationship with a spirit mate, that mirroring flame, is a relationship between two individualised, unique expressions of the divine that resonate with each other, that relate, that are connected for a very long time, for eternity. (There are possibilities of revoking these connections if it is in the highest of the Divine plan and possibly connecting to another or others to follow the matrix, the plan, the unfolding of the divine plan. But this is rather exceptional and rare to experience for a human in the relatively short lifetime that one spends on Earth).

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My question is, do we have multiple of these relationships of these sacred relationships in the cosmos?

(Immoment spricht die geistige Welt Englisch mit mir inklusive der Frequenzen hinter und zwischen den den Worten und Buchstaben - zum verstandesmässigen Verständnis kopiert einfach den Text, den Ihr nicht versteht, hier in Google Translate).

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