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#12 - What is currently happening on earth?

Currently there is a flow of change of life on earth. There is a step up, an uplift happening on earth like an upgrade of software. And currently we are in an upgrade.

So many projects and missions will be part of this upgrade. The divinely guided projects are upgrade projects, many of them. The Future of Work Collective [Jayahnia’s other current mission on earth] is a part of an upgrade network.

So is her role as the ambassador of 5th Dimensional Management definitely part of the upgrade. Because understanding 5th dimensional management will allow us to work in these consciousness manifesting or consciousness flowing projects. It is when we align with the divine flow of life.

You don't have to. But we can, and in those projects there is a certain ease and a certain flow. Many of you would visualise it as an arrow that manifestation wants to bring into the world as creation and you'd see lots of tiny little conducive arrows flowing into that arrow.

Or if it was a river, it would have lots of tiny little rivers of energy, of creation energy flowing into it making the river of creation flow strongly and flow faster. So that this manifestation can come into life. In divine timing.

So this is a very natural effortless, graceful and easy way of creating and manifesting. The ego-driven and often solo driven creations are much harder.

Next blog: (not sure yet 😇 )

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