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#9 - How does 5th-dimensional management operate?

In fifth dimensional management we observe how life or how consciousness or how the divine wants to express itself. How it wants to be lived. What it wants to become in the world. And humans – and other beings from other places - will have a resonance. They get drawn to this consciousness flow that wants to be lived and wants to create a particular living experience. And being attracted to that they feel called, they feel a calling of this energy that flows forward into something and they become like little energetic rivers that get drawn to the outcome to this vision. To this emergence. And they know they belong there. Contributors to this emergence know it through frequency. They get drawn to it. Just like a magnet gets drawn to another magnet. So tasks (tiny missions) and larger (team) missions and even organisational missions or purpose are best manifested and created by those that feel a calling towards it.

Next blog: How do the right skills come to the right missions?

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