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#10 - Why and how do the right skills come to the right tasks and missions?

Because there's a natural resonance between people and a mission, with that natural resonance come all the skills and potential, ideas, preferences, talents that are in the being that feels the calling. All of that has resonance with the task of the mission. And so naturally the skills and capabilities of a being gets attracted to the tasks or missions.

Too often humans do it the other way round.

They have a set of capabilities and preferences and talents. And then they think from within themselves where or what they would like to create with their talent? And often that can be informed by ego. It can actually be informed by fear. To create something to keep us safe, but that has nothing potentially to do with what wants to emerge, how life or the divine plan or consciousness itself wants to express itself, wants to become, wants to create.

It's like a separate creation that is not aligned with the overall emergence of life. And this can be done. But it is not as supported and interwoven and interlinked as these divinely emergent projects, tasks, missions.

Next blog: Are only humans working on tasks and missions on earth?

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