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#4 - Do we have multiple of these sacred relationships in the cosmos?

Aktualisiert: 5. Sept. 2021

Fortsetzung vom letzten Blog:

Your heart has a vast capacity to love and connect. Here we talk about your human heart, that portal that connects you with your cosmic relationships. And here your heart does have many connections, lines of golden light. It depends on the person. There is no fixed number of connections. Some people have access to more connections than others. It is also part of the spiritual makeup of their gifts and of their role. Some are networkers naturally have more relationships and connections. Other humans are more focused on manifestation and might have less relationships in order to focus on less relationships. It is conducive to their manifestation mission. So different humans will have different relational experiences in their lifetime in terms of human relationships and also in terms of cosmic relationships.

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What about being a networker or netweaver?

(Immoment spricht die geistige Welt Englisch mit mir inklusive der Frequenzen hinter und zwischen den den Worten und Buchstaben - zum verstandesmässigen Verständnis kopiert einfach den Text, den Ihr nicht versteht, hier in Google Translate).

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