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#8 - How does Connection help in team collaboration?

There is work to be done in organisations on purifying these webs of light. When people are chosen to work with each other, when they choose to work with each other they basically connect for creative purposes. There is too often interference nowadays of ego and fear that disturb the connected network of an organisation.

In fifth dimensional recruitment works with connection and resonance. Every co-creative collective gets created through resonance of frequency with each other and/or resonance with the mission, with the purpose in the organisation.

This does play a role in recruitment or forming teams. There are people who feel this. Who feel the connectivity on a resonance level like we explained for the networker or netweaver. But often other factors interfere as a frequency interference. Especially fixated plans and fixated visions of how things SHOULD be and how things SHOULD be done interfere with the natural resonance of what WANTS to be done.

Next blog: How does 5th-dimensional management operate?

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