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#7 - How do humans connect?

Humans have “connectors”, connection receptors or connection points that hold a certain energy, like a radio frequency. And some people have very similar or same radio frequencies and that's how they connect. But a person can have multiple connectors with multiple radio frequencies so that they can connect with different beings.

If you were to visualise this for a moment for the sake of giving you a visual anchor, you'd see a person with multiple points in their fields all around their body that connect outwards. Two different beings can have these connectors on different heights of their body in their own spheres. This is NOT how it really is, but this is how you could visualise it. This makes a human being embedded in a web of connection. This also helps with humans working together and creating together because so much creation on Earth is done in groups, is done in collectives from a family with a team of two to large creation projects that you call organisations.

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08 sept 2021

very interesting, I am just thinking about this matter in the last few days, and yesterday I commented with a friend of mine this topic. Why do we meet with one or the other person and what exactly is it, that makes me "connect" with someone better or worse and then there is the point why in the first place did we met one or the other person, virtually, in person, nowadays I think it is the same....

Me gusta
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