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#6 - What about being a networker or netweaver?

A highly connected person like you are, Jayahnia, through the quality of your specific light frequency can easily have multiple heart connections into different realms of existence. For a human, this can be quite confusing. As you will hear the calling of multiple hearts but we guide you to be at peace with this connectivity that is part of your makeup. Like a sun shines multiple rays so does your light shine and connect as a Weaver Of Connection through the cosmos through light. Your light is so strong that it can easily reach into different dimensions. This is part of your makeup.

And you see it on earth as a natural outcome: you are connecting people of all different walks of life without doing really anything. You just create connections because this is in your nature. Connectivity flows through you and ignites Connectivity in others. It's like their receptors or their connection points get activated in them by your connectivity energy. And once these connection points are activated, they connect with others. You're a connection activator. Also called a networker or Netweaver.

You do this when you teach a class. Or at your breakfasts. Or on social media. It is in your nature. And you also have a feeling, an innate feeling who to connect. You can feel the resonance, you know who to connect. This is what you sometimes call the “red thread” that you can feel between people, so you can create groups of similar resonance, because you can feel their connection resonance.

Next blog: How do humans connect?

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