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#2 - Once Upon a time…

Aktualisiert: 5. Sept. 2021

You might think this is the beginning of a fairy tale. Yet this is the beginning of a download. About sacred heart-based relationships. Where relationships and connections are created THROUGH the heart and we mean THROUGH the heart, not from the heart.

These connections are not to be visualised from one heart to the other as a line between hearts on the outer. The sacred relationships we are talking about are relationships where the connection is THROUGH the heart on the inside.

Imagine your heart is a portal, an entrance to inner and cosmic dimensions and you're going through the inner pathway of the heart into the cosmos. And there, lines of light connect you with a number of beings. (You'd feel it here in your human body by a warmth that spreads in your heart. The warmth is nurtured by a very pure eternal unconditional very committed love and a deep bond.)

There are these relationships, these connections of two people, beings whose lights are connected. Their eternal lights are connected, and their lights stabilise each other’s lives. They are mirrors of each other's light. These lights are unique in their own frequency, in their own expression. But they are connected. They are a response to each other, a resonance. These spiritual, sacred relationships are very precious. And they are woven all through the cosmos. They cross realms and time and space and dimensions. And in this way kind of marry and wave different realms of existence together, a little bit like on Earth when a King's daughter marries another King's son. They are forms of creating diplomatic relationships between realms of existence.

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What is the relationship between sacred relationships and romance on earth?

(Das Zentrum im Template of Love and Connection")


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